Collectible Iconic Fine Art Prints

Andrew’s Dream: My deepest desire is to create the most beautiful photographic fine art pictures of the most interesting people I can find – people whose openness and vulnerability create a window into the universal soul of us all. In 45 years of work I have found the most interesting people to be people who are living in extreme poverty, people who experience mental or physical illness, marginalized minorities, and children.

Andrew’s Mission: My deepest satisfaction comes from exhibiting these images to as large an audience as possible – offering this audience a powerful experience of empathy for the people in the photographs – while working together with nonprofit organizations to benefit the people in the pictures.

Purchasing Andrew’s fine art images, printed and signed by the artist,  supports this work.

Why purchase a picture of someone you don't know? Someone who looks quite different from you? If you look deeply into another person's eyes, you may see a reflection of your own deepest self. Try it. Buy one. Hang it in your home, and treat it as an icon. Let it affect you.