About Creating Vision 

Creating Vision is a fellowship formed to support the fine art and advocacy of Andrew Kilgore.  Members provide this support through the systematic purchase of Andrew’s fine art images, printed and signed by the artist, and delivered to each member on a regular basis.

Artist statement 

“As I begin my 76th year, I am looking forward to my 80thbirthday and the anniversary of 50 years of practicing advocacy thru art in our community.  There are many things that I hope to accomplish before reaching this momentous landmark in my life and in my career.  So that these ambitions will have a clear shape and intention, I have developed what I call my ‘five-year plan.’ At the heart of this plan is my deep desire to photograph whomever I choose with complete artistic freedom for the good of all.”


I have begun a major new project, “Let There Be Light, 100 Black Men” photographing African-American men of all ages. On so many levels Black men are incredibly interesting.  My job is to work towards awakening the personal empathy that must come before any real consideration of social justice can be put into practice – to look deeply at real people before acting to create public policy.
I continue to work on the “Honor the Child" project and will bring it to a meaningful conclusion with a book and/or exhibit. The serious work of the child is fascinating both in itself and in its consequences as the formative agent in shaping the men and women that we all become.
I am pushing forward with a vigorous attempt to promote “A Reluctance to Engage."  This work looks deeply into the relationship between extreme poverty and mental illness. I am proud of this collection and look forward to seeing it in print. 
I have begun to organize a substantial retrospective exhibit to debut in 2020 as a celebration of 50 years of photographing all the different kinds of people I have known and loved in my life and career.

How the Fellowship works

Our primary fiscal goal is to build an income stream through the sale of fine art prints to fellowship members. This income stream provides the necessary support for the continuation of Andrew’s work creating and providing fine art portraits to nonprofit advocacy organizations without charge.

  • Once a month we produce and deliver 17”x 22" fine art prints for our members.
  • Members are provided with several images from which they can select their monthly prints and a museum-quality portfolio case for storage of their prints.
  • Once a month founding members pay $200 through an auto-pay system for their print.
  • Each quarter we will have an open studio gathering for members. This will be a time for members to review new work, pick up their prints, and choose prints for the following months.
  • Members may either choose their prints themselves or have us choose them from our entire collection of iconic images. We can either deliver prints personally, ship them, or hold them in the studio for members to pick up.
  • We will provide members with periodic updates on what we have accomplished towards our major goals. We will look forward to receiving input and other forms of support from our members with respect to the accomplishment of these major goals.  

Thoughts on Fine Art and Advocacy

What makes a picture of someone I don't know a “fine art object”?

An image becomes fine art because it's “iconic.”  An icon creates connection – a link.  A beautifully made picture that creates an empathic feeling of connection to all of humanity becomes art. One can look at it over and over because it creates deeper and deeper levels of meaning. It creates value – social value, aesthetic value as well as market value. This is our goal – to create images of enduring value for each member and for our community as a whole.

I am an advocate becauseI care deeply about all people and act to create empathy for those whose lives are the most troubled and the most troubling.
I am an artist because I am endlessly fascinated by the raw edge of physical beauty and act to create images that reflect that beauty and are beautiful themselves.

Our fellowship is composed of founding members.  Our founding members support Andrew’s work through a systematic purchase of his best fine art photographic portraits. Each month each member chooses a 17”x 22” fine artimage which is then printed and signed by Andrew specifically for that member. 

If you would like to become a member of our fellowship please contact us by phone (479.871.0849) or by email (andrewkilgore@cox.net) to get details on how to sign up.

Thank you and many blessings,
Andrew Kilgore